Bitumen Based Waterproofing Materials

Two-component, Bitumen-Rubber Based Waterproofing Material

Product Description

BILIZO® BITUPOL 645 is two component, waterproofing material based on polymer bitumen-rubber based, cracked, applied from the positive side.



  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • Foundations and bundling the walls,
  • Bonding of thermal insulation boards,
  • Foundations, underground parking structures, retaining walls, settling tanks,
  • Horizontal and vertical applications where the water comes - the positive direction.


Minimum consumption is 3 kg/m2 in 2-3 layer.
During the application, consumption may increase according to surface roughness.


  • Radon gas is impermeable.
  • Freeze-thaw cycle resistant.
  • Suitable for use in areas that are affected by motion and vibration.
  • It creates jointless, seamless, waterproof coating against permanent moisture.
  • It is suitable for waterproofing with thick-layer coating against humidity penetration and water which is caused by leaking water in all type constructions in underground and aboveground.
  • It does not flow on vertical surfaces.
  • In capillary cracks, it makes crack bridging.


BILIZO® BITUPOL 645; compounds 24 kg liquid component A, and component B is packaged in the form of powder as 8 kg polyethylene bags.

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